Ticketing Using E Commerce in Malaysia

Ticketing Using E-Commerce in Malaysia

Ticketing in Malaysia used to be done manually through queing up in line in order to purchase tickets be it movie tickets, bus tickets, concert tickets, parking tickets or even summons. This process used to be time consuming and tedious to do.

This process has in fact evolved so as to be less time consuming and a very seamless process. Ticketing now can be done online using a slew of various apps or websites that are dedicated towards customer satisfaction.

Ticketing for a car parking has also gone online with the launch of apps such as JomParking and ParkEasy that allows for customers to pay for the parking spot online eliminating the need to queue up and pay for the parking ticket. Summons can also be paid online via the MyEG app or website eliminating the need to go to the appropriate government office.

Concert tickets can too be paid using the e-commerce platform in Malaysia. This service is called TicketPro and it utilizes the e-commerce business system by partnering with banks so it is easier and more seamless to pay through online direct banking.

Bus tickets can also be bought online in Malaysia through online direct banking. Such websites or apps are redbus, easybook and shopback among others that currently flood the Ecommerce Malaysia marketplaces. Purchasing bus tickets online from these aforementioned websites or apps are similar to that of the previously mentioned online tickets in which the user creates an account or logs in, selects the time and date in which the customer wants to travel before proceeding to payment.

Other than the above mentioned tickets that are able to be bought for online using the e-commerce marketplace, movie tickets too can be bought online through the e-commerce business model.

In conclusion, e-commerce has revolutionized ticket payments by providing a platform that is extremely easy, seamless and intuitive to use.

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