Branding through Major Social Media

Branding in these modern days could be done through various methods and tools. Some of them include the usage of major social media such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram or even Tumblr. Modern business owners also should not be afraid to use these social media platform to do branding as consumers today are more open-minded and encouraged brand to establish brands that have a closer relationship with their branding agency malaysia consumers.

In this article, we are going to share how some major social media can actually be used for branding. This includes:

1. Instagram. With so many new features of Instagram, business owners today can enjoy the practicality of connecting with their clients simply through social media platforms. Instagram, other than as a platform to share video and photos, now people can update their short ‘vlog’ on Instagram story and even use the function of Instagram ads. Business owners who love to photograph their product in a soft sell method, and advertise them can aim to do branding through a series of photos on their products or services for new potential customers to check them out beforehand.

2. Facebook. This social media is nothing new to some business owners who even have their own page that is dedicated to their business. Facebook usually is the place for business owners to tell their business hours or send greetings and even engage with their customers through comments and share feature of Facebook. This help companies to brand themselves as whatever they are trying to portray in Facebook, and sometimes, by the way, the reply to some comments.

3. Youtube. It is noted by branding agency Malaysia that not as many Malaysian companies are into Youtube when it comes to branding. This is because that there’s a myth how Youtube is limited only to entertainment videos, however, the myth is wrong. Other than posting your own advertisement there, you can actually provide an informational video about your product or services and can even aim for the video that contains an educational value.

Branding through social media is easier compared to the one done through traditional media. This is because, other tthan gaining full control of who are the audience, business owners can also utilize features that set target market to be the audience for their posting. This, as a branding agency Malaysia called it segmenting is a great practice to ensure that you don’t waste your media usage on the audience who doesn’t want to be one.

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